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Eliahu Diner


Eliahu Diner




Born in 1947 in Berlin, Germany. In 1949 his family left to France, leaving again in 1951, this time to Argentina.


He emigrated to Israel in 1973, joining Kibbutz Ga’ash. In 1975 he left the kibutz and settled in Tel Aviv.


In 1972, still in Argentina, he began his art studies at the studio of the argentinian painter Miguel Dávila.


In Israel he studied at the Tel Aviv Art Museum with Miri Galezer and Abraham Farji (1980, 1981), at the Avni Art Institute with Tubia Abraham (1982), and from 1983 till 1988, he the attended the Meimad School of Visual Arts where he was taught by the painters Uri Stetner, Jan Rauchverger and Harold Rubin, among others. He remained in close contact with the last two for at least two nore years after his graduation.


In 2002 he received his B.A. degree in Multidisciplinary Art Studies from Tel Aviv Universtiy.


He became a member of the Tel Aviv Artist Association in 1992, and the director of the etching workshop at the Tel Aviv Artists’ House in 2000.


Since 1990 he exhibited his work in 16 individual shows and many grupal shows.



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Eliahu Diner




45 Kibbutz Galuyot Rd. unit 206, Tel-Aviv 66550




03-6820286, Cell: 050-7207467











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